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SP100X User Manual V3.2. Download
SP200X User Manual V3.2. Download
Technical Support:

*note, this technical support is for service privider and resellers only. For end-users, please contact your service provider or reseller.
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1. Default IP address?
The LAN port of SP100X and SP200X default IP are
The WAN port of SP400 default IP is Other models are the same.

2. My SIP and Codec configuration pages are locked. I can not configure my SIP server and etc.
This is the security feature. The service providers or resellers can lock these 2 pages by a sipadmin password. SignalSys can not reset the password. Please contact your service provider or reseller directly.

Upgrading the firmware will not erase the password.

3. How to reset to safe mode IP?
If you cannot access the device using the default IP or you forget your IP, you may use the safe mode IP.

Power cycle the unit while holding down the RESET button. Count 4 seconds. Release the RESET button immediately.

Press and immediately release the RESET button TWICE within 2 seconds of releasing it after step above. The WAN port will now use as the IP address (LED L1, L2, and L3 are ON).
Firmware V4.x User Manual (SP100, SP400, etc.) Download